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Wheelchairs Sela 809
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Specification of Wheelchairs Sela 809

This wheelchair is wheelchair thresholds designed minimalist. Serve as a Walker (moving). A wheelchair is equipped with a parking brake, footrest

Has two brakes on each side of each tire, has a footrest made of aluminum and has a seat or backrest made from semi leather oscar.

Type: 809-46
Type: Wheelchairs
Material: Chromed Steel Frame
Max Weight: 100kg
Hand grip: Fix
Backrest: Semi Leather Oscar
Tire Type: Tires Rims Dead Fingers
Stepping Feet: Aluminum
Weight: 19kg
Packing Weight: 45kg (splitter 6000) / 70kg (Dividers 4000)

CP : 0859'5906'0998





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