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Specification of Commode Type Ky894

Product Specifications:                 

Comfortable, easy-clean and hygienic commode chairs serve there purpose but also look stylish and provide maximum stability. Economy, Delux and foldable chairs all allow easy access and safe waste disposal.

Commode Chair

Commode chairs provide bathroom assistance. Required for such reasons:

·        Illness has left the body unstable and weak, making trips to the bathroom difficult and dangerous. (For example, the bathroom is a common place for individuals to fall.)

·        Surgery has temporarily left a person too weak to walk the distance to the bathroom.

·        Joint problems and aging have weakened the legs, making it difficult for an individual to get on and off the toilet.

·        Balance problems that make it difficult for an individual to safely travel to and get on/off the toilet.


Many falls happen in the bathroom for two good reasons: one, water and moisture in the air can make bathroom surfaces slippery; and two, weakened muscles and balance problems can affect a beneficiary's ability to travel to the bathroom and use the toilet. Commodes reduce the risk of falling by making it easier to get on and off the toilet. Some function as a portable toilet, reducing trips to the bathroom.





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